Who we are

Committed to the power of gene therapy

People are at the core of what makes us TAAV.  We are a diverse team comprising of highly motivated people from different fields and disciplines who make up this organization, providing everything from research to manufacturing expertise. Our privilege at TAAV allows us to collaborate in the development of an unprecedented industry with the amazing power to transform the future.

TAAV produces an enzymatic DNA, neDNA™, as an alternative to plasmid DNA for the manufacture of recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV). We view neDNA™ as a disruptive technology in the DNA market creating a new industry standard for transfection-based rAAV production. Our enzymatic process leads to high yield at small scales, shortening manufacturing timelines, facilitating quicker production of rAAV and increasing safety by eliminating residual bacterial sequences of plasmid DNA in the rAAV product.

As individuals, we dream about future.
As scientists, we have the chance to make history.
Together, we have the power to make it happen.

TAAV Biomanufacturing Solutions. Led by science. Inspired by people.

We are a highly innovative CDMO company. Our solution paves the way to a new area for gene therapy development. This innovation can be only understood by the power of science. And Science needs hands. Science needs people committed to a future of new approaches and people passionate to change the rules for better outcomes.

We offer a unique solution that is transforming how biopharma companies, research centers and other entities are developing programs on rAAV-based gene therapy.

Time matters

Times matters for people. Time matters for your projects. And time matters for us. We understand that saving time is critical in our industry and we are bringing the power to accelerate your research with our neDNA™.


The Group (Askbio/Bayer)

TAAV was initially founded as a joint venture by two leading biotechnology organizations within the enzymatic DNA and rAAV manufacturing space.

Since February 2022, under AskBio’s full ownership, TAAV Biomanufacturing Solutions is creating a new industry standard for transfection-based AAV production. TAAV Biomanufacturing Solutions, S.L.U – TAAV – will continue to manufacture neDNA™ both for third-party customers and AskBio’s internal product development pipeline as a fully fee-for-service CDMO.

Join Us

If you are passionate about innovation, science and improving people’s lives, you will be a perfect fit to our team of more than 80 enthusiastic and brilliant minds.

Come join our team of experts. Together, we have the power to make it happen.